Creative, copy writer, story teller and strategist. Let's work together

I am a Spanish native speaker, but I get along well in English also. I was born in Peru and am currently living in Guatemala. Working from home has become the dream for me as it has given me freedom and time (here is why your task and my skills can make a match). My professional life has developed in advertising agencies; I have been a Creative Director for quite a few years now, writing for TV commercials, radio, print, and social media on different platforms. So, it gives me a broad background.

What I can do for you

I will write whether you need an article, a script, a catchy phrase, a communications concept, CTAs, or copy for a promotion, or put into words what you have in mind. I will help you create the communications strategy for your brand or product; all I need is to know your brand and your customer.

With the help of analytics, I will use those keywords your customers are searching for, create your content and talk about what is important to them.

Do you know your brand's value proposition? Great! With that, I will help you reach your customers with relevant messages. If you don't, we can work together to define it. It will just take us a little bit longer, but we will get there.

About the work

I enjoy work; I respect my clients and their brands, and I will work based on mutual respect. I appreciate a clear brief that guides the ideas. If you need, we can work on this together. I know for sure that great communication and engagement are grown with consistency, the understanding of the brand, analytics, and professional feedback. It is a path always under construction.

“A picture is worth a thousand words… let’s sit and talk about this over coffee"

Me, 5 minutes ago