Nexa, the first full digital bank

Check out this spot; the idea behind it is to engage with the native digital audience – those who will never step foot in a bank office or go through any trouble to open a bank account.

Also Nexa

In this version, the pun is in the language. In Spanish, 'banco' and 'baño' (bathroom) can be easily mistaken.

Proudly from Guatemala

September 2022, still with the aftermath of the pandemic at the heart of the nation, Supermercados La Torre wanted a marketing activation that would resonate and have valuable meaning for its customers. We had an idea, but we could have never predicted the impact it would have on society. For two consecutive days, Guatemala's National Anthem, performed by opera singers in the supermarket aisles, was a trending topic, garnering thousands of interactions.

Let's make better days

In this emotional approach, Supermercados La Torre wanted to show everyday life—the one that is not happy all the time, where people don't dance every day... but they try to. They aim to make everyday better for those around them.

Sorry the hotel is under construction

Guatemala Courtyard Marriott's first client. And surprise! There is paint, ladders, and hammers all over the place. He had a reservation and he didn't mind. Anyway, that wasn't true; the hotel was all set up and nice, waiting for him.